The Keeper Of The Light


Upward and onward……….good luck 31 and thanks………all here will remain on course.

Dialtone OUT.


4 thoughts on “The Keeper Of The Light

  1. I did the “Grid Down Communication’s Course” with Joey this past weekend and LOVED it! I expected the class to be informative but I never expected the class to be so much fun! I already knew Joey was a great teacher as he inspired Lee & I to get our tech licenses and set up our base & mobile stations. I knew he was passionate about comms and generally funny – but I was awed by how well he managed & shared information w/ us this weekend. He has clearly found his niche! He shared vast amounts of information – offered pros/cons/new & used approx. price ranges/makes/models/countries where products manufactured/what items can easily be repaired vs. not/programming ease/hands-on activities to make lots of different antennas (importance of formulas, correct measurements, & improved effectiveness of grounding antennas), endless ideas/concepts & importance of “thinking outside the box”, applying concepts of bands/sectors – “monitoring” to learn who’s “too” close to you, who’s listening on your “tone”, how to listen to everyone else & learn their “key”, the importance of learning how to listen/monitor more effectively (aircraft!), how to use an auto tuner – but how to manually tune to get SWR low (using 2 knobs @ once or 1 at a time). We looked inside stuff to see how it looks & to see it as it works! We networked, learned, shared and made friends w/ folks from all over including OH, DE, PA & MD – what a great group of guys! I did not ever expect to be so inspired nor did I ever expect to soak up so much information. Thank you Joey – I am actually looking forward to attending your future classes. Initially, this had not been my plan – but you & your team sucked me in! Heck, the park where the hands-on workshop was held Sunday was beautiful (although chilly!) – a perfect location to build and test antennas!

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