Another Great Class!!!!


Operating position at our FTX TOC.

This weekends class was great! First,  I want to thank all of those that attended. I was fortunate to have such a good group that was so excited to learn.  I also would like to thank all of the help and support I received (you know who you are )!

Day one was the class room session.  It rained like crazy but all was dry indoors. We experienced a few power grid “failures ” but we made it through! Lots of great class room discussion and questions answered.


Day two was the FTX ( Field Training Exercise ).  The weather cleared and the sun came out to play. Good thing our antennas where low profile because the wind was also in the air! We learned about,  and constructed a jungle antenna. Students where able to get “hands on”  with this project.


Jungle antenna ready to be raised up for wilderness ops.

The sudents learned techniques to assemble and test various other antennas as well. We had a great field phone exercise with students learning the value of secure comms. We made a field expedient indoor covert CB loop antenna out of junk picture hanging wire! This is just a few things that we packed into a great FTX!


Everyone gets involved, doing it is better then reading about it.



If you missed it, keep your eyes open for the next class to be announced. I can’t wait till next time!

Dialtone OUT.


One thought on “Another Great Class!!!!

  1. Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the Grid Down Communications class this past weekend. Great, great information presented in an educational and entertaining way. No question left unanswered. The hands-on exercise was great, too, with antenna making and equipment operations. It really makes you stop to think about grid down situations and what we’ll do to protect ourselves and our families, and just how important intel is to our survival. Thanks again, and I look forward to taking other classes in the future!



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