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  1. Just bought an AN/PRC 90 surplus. I have a tech license, a bad feng, and a yaesu. Was this a good move? I’m used to sncgars.


    • Well Rob…..the prc90 that I know is a piolt survival radio. It transmits and receives on military and civilian aviation emergency frequencies only. If this is what you have don’t transmit!! It would be a cool show piece but not very useful. The Baofeng and yaesu radios should serve you well. Hope this helps.


  2. I know this post is tardy but…the “homework” assignment forced me to look into using an rf-splitter to attach my dis-cone antenna to both my scanner and the AirSpy SDR radio. We had covered in class that a normal cable TV splitter can be used to “share” an antenna but in this case I used an RG-58 splitter to be able to connect the two devices to the one receive antenna.


  3. I like the looks of the grid down field training programs you conduct. East coast is not feasible. Any chance you will be in Minnesota?


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