North East Grid Down Communication Class

  • North East Grid Down Commo Class


This course will cover communication techniques in a grid down scenario.

DATE: JULY 18-19, 2015 (Two day class)



This course is designed for individuals with a novice to intermediate level of commo experience, who might have a Technician or General Class Amateur Radio License. Personal equipment is required for those who would like to participate in the field training exercise (bring your own commo gear). Individuals without an amateur radio license can practice operation on license-free communications bands or engage in communications monitoring activities.

The class revolves around the following topics:

  • Considerations for Survivalist/3% and prepper communications.
  • Communications gear and test equipment.
  • Basic communications monitoring focused for 3% VHF/UHF COMINT. (how to get the most out of your scanner radio)
  • Services available for use – advantages and disadvantages of each. (HAM, CB, FRS, MURS, etc…)
  • Field expedient techniques.

The class consists of a one-day classroom instruction period and a one-day field training exercise (FTX).  The FTX is held rain or shine.  Dress and prepare yourself appropriately.

Registration cost for this course is $235.  Course fees are non refundable. If I cancel, the class you will receive a full refund. If you can not make it, someone else can come in your place.  Hotel, travel, and meal arrangements/expenses are the responsibility of the course attendee. Preferred payment method is payee blank USPS Money Order.  You can also pay using Paypal.  Contact me via email for payment address ( and Paypal information.  Please include in the email what method you want to use. Pre-registration and prepayment is required.

Special thanks to  for his blessing and help in making this class possible.



14 thoughts on “North East Grid Down Communication Class

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  3. Came across your wonderful blog recently, great stuff!
    I’m true novice, I’m talking total squid at the art of radio comms.
    But I’m sold on the merits 110%.
    Thing is to be frank it is overwhelming, and I’m attempting to grasp the essentials. Regardless I’m hooked and find the ideas and equipment fascinating.
    If it isn’t presumptuous to ask, would it be possible for you to do a down and dirty post on a basic nuts and bolts practical kit a guy like me and my family/friends could aquire and operate?
    Treat me like I know nothing, and have limited funds, require something minimal but robust, for both a base station, and handheld, along with an appropriate discreet antenna, and a portable field antenna for the hand helds.
    Power source 12vdc
    It is very mountainous part of WV
    Requirement of 60 miles, (or more if possible), range for handhelds with field antenna, from high elevation ridgelines’ to ridgelines’

    Limited funds is relative, but like to stay under a grand for 2 handhelds and a base station, if that is possible. I have good fabrication skills and a well equipped metal fab/welding workshop so I home make alot of stuff.
    Figure that is a tall order to ask you, but if you can provide a basic list of goods, I’d be most grateful to you.
    Kind regards,


    • Doug, I recently got my tech license using web based study guide. Dialtone was instrumental in helping me get set up with two mobile units, one base station , and two hand helds for under a grand. Fixit 73’s


  4. I think I can do that. Everyone is at different levels in there skill set and I will do my very best to get you up to speed. The main question to you would be, do you have or plan on getting your ham license? ? The requirements you present would be much easier meet if you were to get your license. If you don’t have it you need to get it. If comms interest you, you can do so much more with amateur radio.


    • Absolutely get my license. I understand the prerogative of having one. You and others have made most reasoned argument on that score, thank you for that.

      My priorities for comms center upon first the ability to maintain contact with family and allies, second for the resources of being connected to a wider community outside my direct AO, and third, but no less important to keep abreast of current available intell and rumor and passing it along, aka a kind of shortwave grapevine.

      I think its best to obtain a robust basic system not complicated with additional computer skills and nuances which require years of experience, access to the reliable and practically useful bands, and receive transmit range which can be improved upon with handcrafted antennas using common materials, discreetly employed. I live on a ridgeline at 3000 ft, with almost unlimited unobstructed view. Which if I grok what you all talk about is a good advantage to begin with.

      I must say I am most impressed and admiring of what this community is doing and how it is so gungho about comms and the direction it is going in. Just great stuff.
      With you guys assistance maybe I’m able to pass along some it too. Have to tell you, where I live in Appalachia people are relatively of lower income, though can be very resourceful, so cost is a big factor in regards to use of discretionary funds. Due to the rural isolation, and mountainous terrain, many dont have computer/web access or even cell service, and satellite internet service is the only option. But radio comms seem like the perfect resource in light of coming festivities and current realities on that score. There’s a kind of hillbilly grapevine that exists, word of mouth mostly, and I like to think a few base stations and a bunch of handhelds would be mighty handy and fit in with the culture quite well. At the least Im willing to gov it a G and propagate a radio community. Could be a great thing.
      I hope that all defines and simplifies things, and I am most grateful and appreciate you all for any help.


  5. Stay tuned my friend. This blog will outline all thee above. You are half way there with the right mindset. For now, if you don’t have your license, get CB comms up per my last post. This is cheap and everyone can participate. As far as your AO, that’s some of the most beautiful country I have ever seen. Lots of good people there. 73’s


    • I agree wholeheartedly, to obtain alternative things in this life it is a matter of how you think, of changing your thinking.
      It is that way in regards to our liberty and freedoms too I believe. It may be the largest hurdle we face as freemen is how we perceive our liberty and obtaining it. A plurality of people on the same wavelength, pun absolutely intentional, is the optimum frequency.


  6. Ten-Four I hear you!
    This is exciting stuff. I have a convert already. We are both on ridgelines 30 miles Line of sight.
    Going to do the CB thing as you suggest. See how it works across the ridges.
    By the way, I heard once a wind turbine works as an antenna, any truth to that? I’m asking cause Im building one. The tower is the the hardest component to fabricate. Might as well multi task it.

    Oh ya, it is pretty for sure. I recommend it to anybody if interested. Hard to find the good property deals if you don’t live here, hillbilly grapevine you know, and it is clannish like too. Folks have this economy of living in these mountains, I think they read Theroux, simplify simplify. I’m a Yankee NH native, been down here for 8 years, feels like home, there is some seriously rugged untamed country in these mountains if you know what Im saying, growing season is excellent, great soil. Property is super reasonable. Like where we live you can get 18 acres with a big house, barn, and creek for 56 grand, right now. Ideal piece, sits on a perfect little plateau, dead end road, backs up to a stunning river watershed down in a hollow below, miles of surrounding buffer land. Straight land is to be had at price per acre you see almost nowhere else too.

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