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Field Day 2016: Hopefully you where able to get out and operate. This exercise was a great chance to test your kit. With that being said,  don’t think you need a contest to get in the field! Practice as much as you can,  even if it is just listening.  For those of you with no HF privileges, or if you can’t get a HF transmitting antenna up, just listen and log what you hear. You need to understand,  listening and understanding is so much more important then transmitting.


If you set up your HF radio and tune around, log the stations you hear. This will help you develop your “ear”. The average person can not understand SSB transmissions, you need to be able to pull out weak signals.  Some day we may all be weak signals. ……. Don’t wait til its to late to develop your listening skills. And remember,  if you don’t have a fancy HF rig then use you modest AM broadcast receiver.  There are plenty of signals on the AM band at night just waiting to be intercepted. Run night ops from your bed side, just do it.


My favorite night ops bed side radio. AM broadcast…..night time is the right time. ……





 You need these skills. You have all your other skills squared away, don’t forget comms, intelligence wins the war! This course will fast track you to getting the most out of your gear and sharpening your skills. Day one is a comprehensive class room session covering all things you read about here (and much more). Day two is a hands on field training exercise where the student will learn and practice  field expedient skills. Come join us and get your comms up!  

This course will cover communication techniques in a grid down scenario.



CONTACT: dialtoneblog@gmail.com

This course is designed for individuals with a novice to intermediate level of commo experience, who might have a Technician or General Class Amateur Radio License. Personal equipment is required for those who would like to participate in the field training exercise (bring your own commo gear). Individuals without an amateur radio license can practice operation on license-free communications bands or engage in communications monitoring activities.

The class revolves around the following topics:

Considerations for Survivalist/3% and prepper communications.
Communications gear and test equipment.
Basic communications monitoring focused for 3% VHF/UHF COMINT. (how to get the most out of your scanner radio)
Services available for use – advantages and disadvantages of each. (HAM, CB, FRS, MURS, etc…)
Field expedient techniques.
The class consists of a one-day classroom instruction period and a one-day field training exercise (FTX).  The FTX is held rain or shine.  Dress and prepare yourself appropriately.

Registration cost for this course is $200.  Course fees are non refundable. If I cancel, the class you will receive a full refund. If you can not make it, someone else can come in your place.  Hotel, travel, and meal arrangements/expenses are the responsibility of the course attendee. Preferred payment method is a USPS Money Order.  You can also pay using Paypal.  Contact me via email for payment address (dialtoneblog@gmail.com) and Paypal information.  Please include in the email what method you want to use. Pre-registration and prepayment are required.

CONTACT: dialtoneblog@gmail.com

Safe surfing


A good friend sent this my way:

GroundRod Training Series

What is it?

GroundRod Primer is designed to address the fundamental concerns of journalists, concerned citizens, activists, whistle blowers, missionaries and liberty lovers in general, with regard to digital security. Whether hackers, governments, criminals or acts of espionage; our privacy is in serious jeopardy.

You will learn to secure your devices and communications in the following ways:

Properly employ symmetric and asymmetric encryption
Create and safely store powerful passwords
Guard against common criminal and state level intrusion techniques
Recognize unsafe software you are using now and explore safe replacements
Surf the web anonymously
Explore the deep web
Transfer files safely
Communicate securely and privately
Understand and deal with malicious firmware

GroundRod Primer is meant to take the uncertainty and guesswork out of digital security, give you a fundamental base of knowledge to grow from and get you up and running with the highest levels of security available TODAY.

Follow on courses will delve deeper into these subjects and address escape and evasion techniques and other tradecraft.

Training Synopsis – CSG “Groundrod Primer”

Class date April 23rd and 24th

This is the first course of the Groundrod series, which establishes the educational foundation of secure internet and device usage. Taught by K@CSG, from Combat Studies Group, designer of the Libertas tablet.

This course is designed to incorporate a high level of student interaction. You will learn by doing.

* Understanding the current threat models in regards to nefarious collection of:

– Web browsing
– Phone calls
– Emails
– Chat
– Contact lists
– Location
– Private storage/data

* Options to counter the threat:

– Devices, hardware and software
– Human terrain, practicing practical tradecraft

* Implementation techniques

– Personal computer options
– Using a secure laptop successfully
– Using a secure phone / tablet

* Student lab / FTX

– Working in teams
– Establishing comms via secure accounts
– Covering your tracks / forensics

Need to bring:

Personal Laptop
Libertas Tablet (if you have one)
3 USB “thumb drives” (minimum) of at least 4GB capacity
Note taking material

Cost $300 per person

Class being held near Wilkes-Barre PA




Here is a little something to put into your scanner…..These frequencies can be received with any analog conventional scanner. At first glance you may think, how are these frequencies relevant to grid down?  Well they are not. But…….the purpose of monitoring them is. All of the frequencies are in FM mode.

  • 137.100
  • 137.620
  • 137.910
  • 137.850
  • 137.300

With a little open source research you should be able to figure out what they are, some of you may already know. Put them into a utility scanner and let them run. It may take a while to get any hits, but,  with patience you should intercept something. If you use an outdoor antenna your success will improve. Give it a try and next post I will reveal the purpose of this exercise.  Feel free to post your logs or thoughts.

Dialtone OUT.