Well hopefully you have been able to receive something from the last post.

The frequencies are NOAA weather satellite transmissions. They are beamed down to earth when the satellite makes a pass over your horizon. They transmit telemetry, to the naked ear this means nothing.  But,  if you where so inclined you could decode the satellite images of weather in your area. But for this exercise I wanted to run a different scenario. Lets pretend for a minute that you where in a grid down situation and one of your assets intercepted some communications.  They gave you several frequencies of interest and you need to determine what channels are in use. You would enter this frequencies into your receiver and wait……..wait until you get a hit. Then you can record time, date, length of transmissions etc. The nice thing about the NOAA channels is they come into range for a short time and fade. This means you have to be on your toes (ears) to catch them. Not all comm skills are sexy folks, but all comm skills are necessary to set you apart. Regardless,  signals from space are always cool……oh and you just preformed a point search.

Dialtone OUT.






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