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Let’s play make-believe for a minute……Lets pretend that  your SIGINT (signals intelligence ) patrol has intercepted three unidentified signals. The frequencies are: 494.4375mhz, 457.9375mhz and 452.9375mhz. They where unable to get any other details so you have to further investigate. DO NOT USE THE INTERNET TO CHEAT,  THAT WILL MAKE THIS EXERCISE USELESS. Program these into your scanner and see what you get. You may or may not get hits? Write down what you hear and post your logs in the comment section below.  You have 72 hours to complete this op. 

Dialtone OUT.


16 thoughts on “HOME WORK TIME

  1. New to the blog but it’s great! Sad to see Sparks31 go down but I understand “going Galt.”
    Monitoring on a Radio Shack Pro 94 and en route to purchase a discone today. Will update if any activity.

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  2. Discone goes up tomorrow but today I have been receiving (stock rubber duck antenna) infrequent short data or squelch tones similar to the sound of APRS. Not sure what it is. Hoping to improve reception with improved antenna.

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  3. Nothing heard in my AO in the three days of intermittent monitoring…however, the exercise was great at demonstrating key points. One in particular on my end is having a reference on hand to look up the frequencies and what it’s assigned to as per FCC regs.

    Sparks31’s Grid Down Communications contains this reference.

    Have it in black and white where it only requires your eyes to read it.


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  5. 452.9375 was the only place out group had any luck. Couldn’t get it on scanners but were able to pick it up with our yaesu 8800 mobiles. Intermittent data sound every 30 to 45 seconds. A directional antenna and signal strength meter would have been helpful. I have since peaked @ the “web” to try and get an idea of what in the world it was.


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