Situational awareness


IS YOUR TOC (tactical operations center ) ON?


3 thoughts on “Situational awareness

  1. Impressive. Can you provide a simple schematic type diagram to show the wiring, antenna, and etc layout.

    I’m trying to do a similar set up.

    Thanks for the info that you send out.

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    • Gary,
      This is a pretty simple set up.
      1. HF transceiver with power supply hooked to a homemade dipole antenna
      2. HF receiver hooked to a longwire antenna.
      3. SSB CB Radio hooked to a vertical antenna.
      4. (3) analog scanners hooked to a tv/cable 75 ohm splitter and hooked to a discone scanner antenna.
      5. 2 meter ham radio
      6. 12 volt power supply to feed the 2 meter rig and CB.
      7. A Vietnam Era field phone switch board wired to secure locations.
      There is more commo equipment to be installed and more equipment when and if something happens. Good luck with your set up and remember, anything is better than nothing. Set up what you have and expand from there. Oh yeah, don’t forget you can use the less expensive rg6 75 ohm coax on your scanners!


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