Maybe there Is a reason Sparks31 and I keep pushing you to get your monitoring stations up to speed. You need to know what’s going on in real time.  You need that intel to be unfiltered.  You need to be able to collect it in a grid down situation. If you are reading this then you are half way there.  Get off your butt and do it. Do the “homework”  , practice your trade craft . Submitting your findings is the follow through.  It helps you to not only gather intel, but to “REPORT” it. The more you write things down, the better you will be at it. You will start to know what’s important and what is not as important.  I know alot of people read these post but we need you to participate.  If you can,  there is  Still time to sign up for class in September. At least do the homework exercises, they are designed to give you the practice you need to be a good intercept operator. For those of you who reported,  great work.




3 thoughts on “GET THE HINT. …..

  1. Its expensive to be alive so money is tight, that being said however, I do plan on beefing up comes. I never actually considered, I mean with all the medical, food preparations, training and pt, all that sexy running and gunning, building tribe, I never thought about comms. I actually downloaded a app that is a scanner. Even though money is short some weeks, with the technology out here, doing nothing is a excuse. It isn’t As good as a scanner probably but it is something until I can get a scanner. I will be posting logs by the end of this week. Thank you for your efforts, after all, you said it best. Without knowledge my people perish.

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  2. Just waking up to some coffee and wanted to post what I found. I found that the first couple Times I listened, it was hard to make out the voices, everything seemed garbled, the codes used were unfamiliar, and I seemed lost. By the end of the week, I was able to find the common codes, every county had it’s own set of codes, and dechpier what was being said. The more I listened the less garbled and twisted the speech became. Then I started pulling up maps, and in real time, put locations to the incidents. I actually followed a assault a few miles down the road. Without real experience, I was able to plot incidents in real time and with time could actually plot and log data on a map. I am currently saving money to purchase a scanner, something easy because this whole tech stuff, as far as scanners go, is new to me.

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