We sit on the couch and read about it, we watch YouTube videos about it……Lets do it!  Here is your next assignment:


  1. Get your intercept receiver  (police scanner) and related equipment.
  2. Set aside a small block of time to play radio.
  3. Search between 150-155 MHZ.
  4. Document ever signal you hear. (Even the data bursts and strange computer sounds)
  5. Repeat this exercise multiple times in 48 hours.
  6. Post your log in the comment section below. Include frequency, time, what type of transmission, any other signal details (pl tones etc.). Also include what gear you used.

This part of the spectrum is full of “stuff”. You may not hear alot of voice transmissions but that’s not the point.  Some of you may not know how to do a search with your radio, get the book out and learn now. This is important to be able to do with out thinking.  Your scanner is a powerful tool if used properly. As I have said before, this exercise can be done anywhere, anytime.  No excuse.  I hope to see a lot of logs posted.  Don’t use any web based data, find it the old fashioned way, with your ear. As stated before, this may not yield super exciting radio traffic but the more you use your radio the better you will get at intercept. Think of this like a test, some of us need to have a goal in order to learn something. Nows the time.  POST YOUR LOGS BELOW. Come to class to get your hands dirty



15 thoughts on “SEARCH AND INTERCEPT

  1. OK, here we go;
    153.9875 – P25 control channel
    153.8225 – P25 control channel
    152.1200 – PL 165.5 – continuous data
    151.4825 – P25 control channel
    151.2725 – P25 control channel
    151.0850 – P25 control channel
    154.7625 – P25 control channel
    154.3400 – P25 voice, public safety
    153.6575 – carrier
    153.8000 – P25 voice, public safety
    154.1150 -P25 voice, public safety
    151.4000 – P25 voice, public safety
    154.0625 – P25 voice, public safety
    154.3400 – P25 voice, public safety
    152.0450 – key-ups, CW ID
    154.6650 – key-ups
    153.9950 – key-ups
    154.9275 – P25 voice, public safety
    153.0350 – PL 103.5 – voice alarm reports
    154.8450 – CW ID

    Equipment: Radio Shack PRO-96, VHF-high band ground plane antenna.

    Location: Isher, Wyoming

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  2. My List, A lot of repeats that I wrote down but didn’t add to this list.

    153.5220 Data
    153.6950 Data
    152.1200 Data
    152.9600 Data
    152.1275 Data
    153.8450 Voice – public safety
    154.5700 Voice – business
    153.9500 Voice – Public safety
    152.6600 CW ID
    152.9600 Data
    152.2400 Data

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  4. (Started late, so this is not for a full 48 hour period yet, but Iwill post more if additional findings of interest.)

    AO: Maidenhead loc. EM64

    Kenwood TM-V71A Transceiver
    Narrowband FM receive mode, squelch set 60~80% fullscale
    Diamond X-50A omni antenna at about 6′ elevation

    Monitoring started 2015-08-13 0350Z

    150.005 Quiet with “popcorn-like” random noise pulses/bursts
    152.005 Quiet with “popcorn-like” random noise pulses/bursts
    152.085 Steady “white noise”
    152.145 Steady “white noise”
    152.205 Quiet with “popcorn-like” random noise pulses/bursts
    152.640 Tone sequence with lots of noise(distant fire dispatch? Faster tone sequence than “normal” fire tone out)
    152.780 Steady “white noise”
    153.595 Short staccato noise pulses on regular intervals, about 3 per second.
    153.600 Quiet, no noise but holds squelch
    153.605 Quiet with “popcorn-like” random noise pulses/bursts
    154.005 Fairly quiet but with “popcorn-like” random noise pulses/bursts
    154.455 Tone + noise burst, regular intervals pulse-to-pulse (~1.2 sec) but groups of pulses are random length.
    154.845 Occasional voice conversation buried in noise (distant analog trunking?).

    Monitoring ended 2015-08-13 0435Z

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  5. Equipment: Radio Shack Pro-651 with Radio Shack 20-006 Telescopic Scanner Antenna
    Time Period: 0000 – 0030
    Date: 13 August 2015
    Location: Bothell, WA

    151.9700 MHz — 8 transmissions starting at 0004 and ending at 0030. Bursts of noise, 3 brief CW transmissions. Intervals ranged from 1 to 10 minutes.
    152.0075 MHz — 3 transmissions at 0005, 0017 and 0029. Signal but no sound. Very brief, like someone breaking squelch once.
    152.3000 MHz — 22 transmissions starting at 0001, ending at 0028. Bursts of noise, ranging from 1 to 10 seconds. Intervals from less than 1 to 8 minutes.
    152.3075 MHz — 7 transmissions starting at 0009, ending at 0029. Signal but no sound. Very brief, like someone breaking squelch once.
    (Same as 152.0075) Intervals from 1 minute to 9 minutes.
    153.5300 MHz — 21 transmissions starting at 0002, ending at 0029. Pulses of signal with no sound, spaced regularly roughly one second apart.
    There was a burst of noise at 0025, followed by pulses of silent signal. Intervals from less than 1 minute to 3 minutes.
    153.6950 MHz — 1 transmission, exactly the same as 153.53.

    I’ve just started applying myself to learning comms about a month ago, so I don’t know what all those signals are. I think the CW transmissions are from a repeater?

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  6. Equipment: Uniden BCD396XT w/ rubber duck
    Location: Wichita, KS

    151.670 – digital
    151.260 – clicking?
    153.600 – high pitch whine
    153.900 – enough signal to break the squelch but nothing discernable

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  7. Same frequency range, same location, same equipment as last night. Monitored throughout the night. Picked up the tail end (5 seconds) of a voice transmission on 154.92 MHz, as well as a Public Safety P25 channel on 154.68, talk group code D20. Sounded like local law enforcement conducting traffic stops and calling in to dispatch.

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  8. Great exercise. Heard all kinds of stuff on frequencies i did not have in my book.
    Yaesu FT-60

    152.812.5 – pulsing sound. Repeated regularly.
    151.975 – squelch opened low voice in background almost like it was away from mic. Did not repeat
    152.945. – CW. Repeats every 15 mins. No one ever spoke. Private repeater? Very fast cw. Will listen and convert CW to ID.
    151.370. – sheriffs office dispatch for county to my north. Not listed in repeater directory
    151.665. – private company, dispatch for trucks going to warehouse
    151.370. – ambulance dispatch for town in my county. Also not listed in directory.
    153.860. – voice suggesting use a “landline”. Police dispatch?
    152.010. – breaks squelch with strong signal, but nothing. Happened 3x
    152.825. – more pulsing sound but nothing decipherable

    Enjoyed this exercise. Will continue to check different ranges, while continuing to listen to the bubba detector.
    Keep up the good work!


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  10. 151.00 – 154.00 monitored
    152.175 data bursts – 151.195 Western Maryland DNR
    151.240 CW ID – 151.850 Data, sounded like trunk control channel but not continuous
    151.390 data – 151.055 data – 151.435 Hampshire County, WV EMS
    152.435 data – 153.485 pager data

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